You Can’t Handle the Truth – Mercury in Retrograde?

Speak, don't speak, stay, wait, go, no don't Ahhh!

Speak, don’t speak, stay, wait, go, no don’t Ahhh!

The dictionary says of “diplomat”: “one skilled in diplomacy.” Under “diplomacy,” it reads: “tact in dealing with people.”

The dictionary doesn’t say so, but being diplomatic also means not always saying what you think. “Tact” can mean saying something that’s less than the whole truth in order to influence or avoid offending someone.

Today I was reminded of a movie I saw a while back called; “A Few Good Men.” You may remember it – Demi Moore was in it before she went crazy over Ashton Kutchner – oops, did I say that. Yikes, I better get my writing shield of diplomatic tact out. Tom Cruise was in it, I think he was still married to Nicole Kidman and not that into his religious beliefs full force and Jack Nicholson and Kevin Bacon – really I can’t say anything negative about those two because they’re good in anything they do, and frankly this isn’t personal it’s really business. In any event they’re all good actors that gave an outstanding performance in this movie. There is one line in the movie that we say in my family a lot where at the end of the trial Jack Nicholson screams in the courtroom; “You can’t handle the truth.” Great line.

In fact there are quite a few movies where we know most of the dialogue and quote from it often. The Godfather comes to mind with classic lines too. “It’s nothing personal…”

For anyone that follows their horoscope or birth chart, Mercury is in Retrograde. In particular, we should use caution when communicating for the next month.


Hold back on everything that you stand for or that means something to you? Turn away, pretend not to hear or see. That’s the coward’s way out.

Like most things in life we sometimes plow through an unfamiliar chart. Perhaps for reasons not known to mankind, is it a lesson from the universe to let us realize that it might not be a good idea to blurt it out, or say something that might be the truth, because maybe whomever we are speaking to “can’t handle the truth?” (Great line spoken by Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.”)

It’s mystifying, literally. Isn’t plowing through unfamiliar waters what life is all about? Taking a chance, taking the risk? Madison Avenue advertising gurus have bombarded us in every known possible medium telling us to; “Just Go For It, Just Do It,” etc.; but when we do and the consequences back fire then what’s the lesson, what’s the point? Why bother? We walk away scratching our heads thinking; “geeze, that wasn’t a good idea.”

Listening to your inner self is a lost art in our techno savvy world. While we can educate and better ourselves through online programs, nothing is really left to the imagination. Gone are daily real life conversations and interactions. We have pretty much alienated human relations in our non-confrontational society. Lost is our sixth sense, or conscience. Has the internal alarm system within been turned off?


One of the beauties of the movie the Godfather is that their alarm systems were never turned off, just like Jack Nicolson’s character in “A Few Good Men,” didn’t have a filter. Their sixth sense was ready, willing and so able to speak, draw, fire. They spoke their minds, they got it out there on the table and regardless if Mercury was in Retrograde, they didn’t give a crap, bada-bing, bada-boom, gone were their preconceived notions that everyone plays nice and above board. Not so true.

Chose to go with your inner voice, your sixth sense and when you speak your mind expect to pay the price, but feel good that you spoke the truth.


Weather Predictions, Now I Get It?

ImageLive from my home office in Wildwood NJ – it’s raining. Heavy at times and coming from the North East. Us Jersey girls are use to this, its no big whoop!

I’ve become so tainted by the weather people in my area and for that matter around the world that I don’t pay attention to their predictions anymore. Truthfully I don’t even listen to the news nor do I watch the weather channel or view, because their predictions are far from predictable. But truth be told – the word “forecast,” means a statement about the way things WILL happen in the future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge.” Now I get it – the weather person/forecaster isn’t any different than a palm reader, psychic or fortune teller? Oh, it all makes so much sense to me now.

Apparently I am not alone in my moment of truth, there are a few of us that really don’t pay attention – the non believers. However from the looks of the Super Fresh parking lot last night on my way home from work I think all 1,500 people that live on the island were picking up the required; “milk, eggs and bread.”

Let’s talk about these required staples for a moment. My brother and I have a long standing joke. He’ll call me during all of the breaking storm news and will ask; “did you pick up milk, eggs and bread?” I will laugh and then we both discuss how ridiculous the news is and that they lacked a good story so they need to overcompensate.   We will laugh again and he’ll ask me; “do we live out on the Prairies?” I’ll laugh again and he’ll say, “geeze, the way everyone runs to the grocery store for milk, eggs and bread, it seems like they’re never going to get out of the house for months at a time, just wondering?” It’s a ritual that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, it makes me laugh every time.

We laugh again and the conversation continues to include the usual; “if you ever did that in your job, made gross mistakes, got cities and towns all worked up over nothing, you’d be fired without severance or a two week notice, in fact they’d probably pack your desk up immediately and have security escort you out the door. But not the weather forecaster (predictor).”  

Ok, in the weather persons defense when they say it’s going to be in the high 60s and it turns out to be 70 we hardly notice it, but make a snow or hurricane prediction and the world becomes on edge, even undone by these forecasters as we tend to lose all common sense. And granted over the years our weather patterns have become, “weather gone wild!” Rains that are almost biblical, heat waves that don’t end, tornadoes that strike repeatedly. What’s going on?

As the oceans warm, they’re giving off more water vapor. Dig back into your 5th grade science class – remember how water evaporated if you turn up the heat? Well, the same thing is happening in the world. Oceans are becoming warmer causing an increase in water vapor which is causing all sorts of crazy weather patterns. So is it just bad luck or global warming? Probably both but here are some ideas to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Talking from my own experience I lose sight of just how much I buy. Try buying less, and reusing and fixing things when you can instead of buying new. And for a lot of people, recycling is as easy as rolling the trash bin to the curb. Just remember to do it at work, too.

So let’s get back to the subject at hand. The weather person once again blew everything out of proportion.

Here’s what I predict:

It’s raining today, at some points the rain will be heavier than other times and it will be windy. There may be coastal flooding if the moon is full, if not, the tides may be a little higher than normal and it’s windy. If your car is parked in a low laying area move it. If not, stay dry, stay home if you’d like and make some french toast.


Farewell My Foot Warmer


My funny Valentine Rudy

There is a saying based on dog philosophy;

“Listen more than you speak,

always act like you have a purpose,

appreciate a simple life,

give more than you receive,

be happy with what you have,

be a best friend.”

I’d like to live my life like that, and I had a good example to follow.

After being hit by a truck he laid on the side of a road for three days – everyone thought he was road kill. When the county crew street cleaners went to retrieve his little lithe body they were surprised to find he was still alive. A county vet put him back together – his broken pelvis, broken back legs, numerous ribs and a severed penis in addition to neurological damage. But he survived and recovered like a trooper or a little fighter. He wasn’t perfect, and often had no control over his bladder, probably the reason no one wanted him. But he found a home with me and we both learned that nothing in life is perfect. His little legs were wobbly, yet he could run around in the back yard like there was no tomorrow – big ears flopping in the wind. No one could ever deny that he wasn’t the happiest little dog. Every day he greeted me “bark, bark, bark, notice me, I am over here, come say hi.” And I would walk over and give him a little hug and kiss on the top of his head, then let him outside where he would run free. Before he went through the doors to the freedom of the yard there was always a big wet lick on my shin. And when he was ready to come back inside, he’d sit in front of the door, “bark, bark, bark,” and that was my que: “let me back in!” He would wobble in and find his favorite spot under my desk where he would satisfy his need for human contact and rest his head on top of my feet. We both felt comfort in the warmth. He was my little foot warmer but more, my little heart warmer. And every morning whether I liked it or not, he’d wake me up at 5am and I would walk down stairs groggy eyed and say good morning while I fed my little friend first then made my coffee. Usually I was happy that we were both early risers, he made me get on with my days when I wanted to just stay in bed. Rudy would have no parts of it. Bark, bark, bark (always in 3’s) and that was my call to get up and start the day new and we did. While the other dogs slept in, it was Rudy and I taking our first walk of the day around the block. Just the two of us, in the calm peace of the morning, when the sun was starting to rise. This morning, I woke up on Rudy time automatically, the 3 bark alarm didn’t go off. When I walked into the laundry room where Rudy sleeps, he was laying on his side, unable to move and looked up at me helplessly. My other dogs Jack and Honey had slept with him all night and where watching vigilantly over him, they even brought him comfort toys, which surrounded his bed this morning. Animals know and have an innate intuitiveness, an uncanny six sense. I picked Rudy up and brought him outside. He made no motion to run and I knew what Jack and Honey already knew – it was time.
The sun has set on my little Rudy. Thank you dear friend, your positive attitude and sweet disposition will be forever in the many hearts that you warmed, and the many people that you inspired to keep on going through their challenges – you touched so many with your little fighter attitude – even till the end. Semper fi, little friend. We will miss you.

Understanding Scrooge

scroogeIf Dickens’s character Scrooge were a real person, he or she would have a different name. His name would be 21st Century. Scrooge took a bum rap and here’s why.

He was cheap or was he? Was he greedy too? His lodgings were sparse; his meals were prepared by himself and probably enough made for 12 days of leftovers. He paid no one to wait on him. His house seemed dark, dreary, cold and unwelcoming. The man himself, well he was stingy, insensitive and unkind. He cursed too – Bah Humbug – was his Victorian use of profanity. His Christmas spirit left him after all the numerous disappointments life handed him. I get it, I understand Scrooge. Come to think of it we all have a lot in common with Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge.

Buying presents, wrapping presents, baking, parties’, decorating to the hilt and commercialism everywhere, whew it’s a lot of work. And as we tick off and count down the number of days leading up to Christmas, one can only hold back long enough, why it’s hard not to rain on this parade as it’s downright insanity.

Christmas is a holiday and maybe the world’s most endeared day, sure, it’s all about commerce, and department store decorations, but it’s also a time when soldiers put down their guns for a 24-hour truce and churches fill with families and friends and all the ugliness of the world is muted in the background.

Jingle Bells will never replace Silent Night and Christmas day will always be filled with spirit no matter what the mood of the world is at that moment. Our spirit and strength always shines through. So while we all get ready to do our yearly Olympian sprint to make sure all of the trimmings are taken care of, let’s think about Scrooge for a moment and realize that he was no different than you or me and let’s remember that in our darkest time we will never forget the basic meaning that Dickens was trying to convey.

God Bless Everyone.

Fabulous 50s and 60s Weekend in Wildwood (october 12 – 14)

The weather is fine, wish you were here, and you’ll be wishing it to when you hear the line up of fun activities that the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce has lined up for you this weekend. Back again is the Fabulous ’50s weekend plus the 60s and beyond.
Here’s the line up:

Friday, October 12th
Dance Party with Jerry “The Geator with the Heater” Blavat

Time: 7pm to 11pm, Oceanfront Arena ~ Wildwoods Convention Center, 4500 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Hosted by “The Geator with the Heater” Jerry Blavat.

Saturday, October 13th
Fabulous ‘50s and Beyond Weekend FREE Street Fair

Time: 11am to 5pm, Fox Park, Burk and Ocean Avenues, Wildwood
Live Entertainment, Food Vendors, Classic Car Show, Craft Vendors, Fun Contest, Doo Wop Bus Tour and So Much More!

Saturday, October 13th
The Fabulous ‘50s & Beyond Concert

Time: 7 pm Oceanfront Arena ~ Wildwoods Convention Center, 4500 Boardwalk, Wildwood.
Doors open at 6:00 pm
Concert Starring:

Kenny Vance & The Planotones, The 5th Dimension featuring Florence LaRue, The Orlons and Paul Revere & The Raiders

Ticket Information
Stadium Seating ~ $49.50 per person tax included
Floor Seating ~ $65.50 per person tax included

Tickets available at the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce, 609-729-4000, and Ticketmaster starting Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

To every season there is change

To every season there is change

Life flies by. Seasons change to quickly, day turns to night earlier, the landscape’s color turns from bright to muted shades and the universe is telling us to keep going, keep turning. Yet for many it seems like change is hard to do. For instance, a new haircut takes years off of my life. (Probably the reason why I’ve had the same hairdo since birth.) The mere thought of someone other than my regular hairdresser putting scissors to my locks sends me into the twilight zone, another dimension, usually a faux depression until I figure out how to handle it. Falling out of my daily routine also sends me to the crazy house, and having things out of place in my home is hard for me to deal with without immediately re-arranging and making sure order is present. And yes, I do arrange my spice jars in alphabetical order. My point, we all have our quarks. For me clutter is my nemesis. I can’t work with clutter on my desk as it gives me anxiety. Enough said – I like order, I guess that’s the controlling part of my brain, but I don’t burden family or friends with my shortcomings, it’s my own personal war. Like my dad always said; “Caroline, adapt, improvise and overcome.” I try dad, I really do.
Recently I was sitting at my desk writing while my three little Jack Russell Terriers cozied around my feet. All were sleeping so soundly. I looked at them and thought, man if I could sleep like that life would be great. Truth of the matter I sleep 6 hours max, my brain doesn’t like to stop for too long as it may forget my next project, my next thing that I have on my always growing to do. Back to the dogs. If you’re not familiar with the Jack Russell Breed, let me give you a little insight. They’re funny, protective, tenacious little dogs. I love them for their smarts, their agility and their antics.
Jack the lover

Jack the lover

My oldest – Jack (I know, I could have been a bit more original when I adopted him) thinks nothing of running across the street to say hi to his greyhound buddy Austin. Jack has been known to escape the back yard and take a walk around the neighborhood. He doesn’t run away, he goes on visits. Last summer he went on a 3 hour tour, while the entire neighborhood was distraught looking for him. Jack is a bit of a celebrity in the hood. He’s been in commercials for print and television and knows how to play it or you. That day many were looking for Jack. In fact, Jack had a representative on every block within a 5 block radius. I was actually away and my man-friend (at 53 boyfriend sounds stupid doesn’t it?) was watching the dogs for me. Not only did he call me to tell me of Jack’s disappearance, but 3 of my neighbors called too. Knowing how Jack operates, I really wasn’t worried, (you see he has done this before to me). However, my man-friend wasn’t aware of this quark of Jack. Finally a neighbor 2 doors down heard someone calling Jack’s name and walked to the front of his house. Jack was hanging out with him. Thankfully he was safe and sound. Immediately he was picked up and brought back home. My Jack is a lover. As a matter of fact, Jack loves unconditionally.

Honey ready for Halloween

Honey ready for Halloween

While Honey, my middle child is always standing next to me trying to please she never lets me out of her sight. Last year we were walking and a Pit Bull charged at us, Honey got between me and the Pit -the Pit stopped dead in his tracks and she held her ground, sneering and snarling, back hairs standing straight up she did her job and protected all of us. (Typical woman I say!)

Rudy the man, the myth, the legend

Rudy the man, the myth, the legend – left for dead and scooped up by county crew workers, they realized this little guy was still alive.

Rudy, well Rudy is my youngest and puts the capital on the letter H in the word Happy. The happiest go lucky kind of soul. He has a sad story, you see Rudy was left at the side of a road for 3 days. Neighbors thought he was road kill, but when the county crew street cleaners came to scoop him up, Rudy was still hanging on, still alive. The county crew rushed him to a nearby animal hospital and the vet on duty put Rudy back together again. She believes Rudy was hit by a truck and left for dead, yet this little guy who is half Jack Russell Terrier and half Welsh Corgi suffered a broken pelvis, 2 broken back legs, broken ribs, his penis was severed and only God knows what type of neurological damage he sustained but he had spirit and was a little fighter. Unfortunately throughout his ordeal no one claimed him missing. No one wanted Rudy. During his recovery he was in a foster home being cared for by a kind woman. When I saw his little face, I knew he had finally found his forever home. Rudy was coming home with me and there were no ifs, ands or buts. Having a dog with disabilities is a challenge, yet Rudy is sweet, kind and always happy. His positive attitude has taught a friend of mine, that had cancer to never give up. Rudy’s joyful little soul keeps on going even when I know his little legs ache, or he needs help going up or down the back deck steps. Sometimes he doesn’t have the best control of his bladder but I know he tries. As all of my animals have taught me different lessons about life and love seeing Rudy running in the yard with his big ears flopping trying to chase after Honey and Jack warms my soul. He has taught me that being imperfect is actually a perfect way to be and while he is never first to catch the ball the lesson learned is that it’s ok as long as you have the passion anything you do in life is fun. Rudy is in for the fun and not the chase.

We can all learn a lesson from Rudy, never give up and while he isn’t the brightest bulb in the box he has a gift, a special gift that reminds me everyday of my dad’s words, “Caroline, life is simple Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.” Semper fi Dad!

Rudy the Miracle Dog

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