Everything I need to know about life, living and happiness I learned from reading The Godfather . Everything that I dream about I see in the ocean. Connect the two and you’ll have an interesting look at the gamble called life.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Caroline Ranoia and this is just a small sampling about what’s in store with this blog.  I grew up in Drexel Hill- go ahead, ask me what parish because only folks from DelCo know what I am talking about with the “parish question.”  That would be St. Bernadette’s class of ’73. In 7th grade my parents moved a little further up the road to St. Dorothy’s. Cardinal O’Hara was my next scary adventure in Catholic education and then onto Cabrini College. Finally they let me out of the pen and I joined the punk rock wearing all black artsy crowds at  Philadelphia College of Art – funny I was the only girl that wore a kilt to a drawing class – hey, you can’t  take the Catholic girl out of the Catholic school mentality, just like you can take the girl out of  Delaware County but Drexel Hill will always be called home. A few years after college and working full time for a meeting planning company, I got married, flash forward – got divorced and I’ve been around the block a few times and learn a lesson daily about life.

I live in a small seaside cottage that was built in 1910 – an original Sears Craftsman house that is a work in progress. Work full time for a weekly newsgroup, love making hand made soaps the old fashion way, paint, draw and am an avid gardener. I also own a women’s boutique in Cape May, NJ called MoonStruck Boutique @ 503 – 503 Lafayette Street – Cape May, NJ 08204. 609.884.5949. www.moonstruckboutique503.com

Me, Jack, Rudy and Honey

My three buds - Jack, Rudy and Honey

Greetings from Wildwood, NJ – wish you were here!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Carolina….Read your article on the RV’s coming to Wildwood NJ. I would like to add some comments. Many of the property owners are opposed to having RV parked on the beach. There are many concerns that outweigh the supposed revenue generated by this idea ie, enviormental issue, safety, noise and visually who wants to look out at a sea of RV instead of waves. I see that you live and have property in Cape May, what a wonderful town. How would you feel if you looked out your window every day and saw RV’s line up. Every night instead of hearing the ocean waves you heard the sound of RV generators and smelled the fumes. I am sure that you were hired to write this article, but do you really believe that there is not a better place to camp RV’s then on the beach in front of residents homes? If you are truly a “Beach Girl” then you would see the concerns of many of us have. Regards Bob

    • Bob – You should do a little more research, I live in Wildwood – I own a business in Cape May and Avalon and frankly if I get paid or not to write an article well, I guess that’s my business, for the record, I just report what is going on in Cape May County and I try to have a little fun with my blog – no payment for articles written. From my home I hear the sounds of people on the boardwalk every day and night, there are times that I believe the boardwalk looks like a hot mess. Is there a difference? Why isn’t there a group of people angry about that? And what revenue does the boardwalk bring in for property owners. Nothing in my savings account. This is where energy should be spent, cleaning up the boardwalk and making it a world class attraction. The RV park was temporary.

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