Writer’s Block – A Regretful Story

never-regret-anything-It’s been a while. I’ve had writers block and its been bad. In fact, so bad that nothing seems to inspire my creative thinking gene. Why? Life and work seem to meld into one big long day. Sitting and finding something that seems interesting to write about just doesn’t or hasn’t happened these days.

Let’s see, I could write something that sounds like a corny country song sung by Tammy Wynette. It would be about a bad romantic breakup, the intensity of his lies and it would include betrayal and cheating. In my country song, I tell him this; “you never deserved me anyway, so go lie to someone else cause it’s not gonna be me anymore. I don’t care. It’s a new dawn.”

But in all honesty, what fun is that and who really cares because it has already been done to death, many before me have beaten that dead horse.

What else is there to write about. Life? Fashion? Music? Movies? Pets? Decorating? Cooking, cleaning or baking? Romance? Regrets? hmmm Maybe? Ugh, but all of these topics seem boring to me now too. Geeze, what’s wrong with me, is my life that filled up with obligations and commitments that I can’t seem to sit and write? This is turning into a big regret.

Regrets. Let me try this topic. Not so long ago I had a friend that passed away. My regret is that I never apologize to him for being a jerk. After he passed I sat down and wrote my best work ever, a letter to my friend. I took this opportunity to make all of my wrongs right. As much as it felt liberating, I still had regret that I never spoke to him in person. You see regret is a funny thing. When someone dies do we connect regret to their death? Probably not. Why is that? Do we want to remain in our regret less bubble? Would we rather talk about grocery shopping, gardening, taxes and the Kardashian’s and less about the things we regret and the things we never did? Is this a right regret?

I am thinking that this time of year brings out a lot of regrets – not losing weight, not putting enough money in the bank, not going with our intuition, not saying goodbye to an old friend, not telling my dad that I loved him enough. But I am going with the silver lining playbook on all of this as my vow for 2014 is imagining a way to fix the future of my past regrets and provided a better, more realistic life solution than invincibility.

Arthur Miller said; “die with the right regrets.”  Maybe that’s the plan to get my writing juju back?


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