It’s Just Reality Right?

My friends Sue, Doreen, Marjorie and I have a long standing joke; “wouldn’t it be funny to do a reality television show about the day in our lives?” Not that our lives are that fascinating, but look at the reality shows that are out there. Do we really care about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta or Beverly Hills? Is that really reality? Money may buy them anything but from an outsider looking in there seems to be something drastically wrong and sadly missing. Just saying.

Our reality show would be different because it would be real. It would show real women getting up in the morning without gobs of makeup on, women that haven’t had Botox or facelifts, tummy tucks or implants. Real working women struggling to make ends meet and real women making diet lunches and dinners to lose a few pounds without the help of a chef and a personal trainer. We’d be real women doing laundry, cleaning the house, walking the dog, feeding the cat, talking to neighbors, taking the kids to school, oh and working full time jobs too. Cameras following around four completely normal friends that all contribute to each other on a daily basis constant emotional support and validation. Real women who actually have to deal with reality on a daily basis.

But Andy Cohen or America, for that matter would not be interested in seeing how our days go because American’s seemed to be preoccupied with the rich and vulgar and might I add far from real people, but I said that already didn’t I? Admittedly I watch them too occasionally and compare them to a car crash, you just have to look but while I am watching it I am thinking the entire time; “what world are these people from, certainly not something like mine?”

I am wondering, is this what young women are basing their daily duties and responsibilities on? Are they thinking that it’s ok to be a Kim Kardashian or a Paris Hilton and do absolutely nothing yet be famous for just that? What are they contributing to their family’s and friends or even society? Seems to me nothing really?

Me, I’d rather clean up the cat’s throw up than have a life that’s not lived. We may not have a ton of money but I’d take the wisdom of these women over any of those reality tv gals any day, cause we keep it real.


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