You Can’t Handle the Truth – Mercury in Retrograde?

Speak, don't speak, stay, wait, go, no don't Ahhh!

Speak, don’t speak, stay, wait, go, no don’t Ahhh!

The dictionary says of “diplomat”: “one skilled in diplomacy.” Under “diplomacy,” it reads: “tact in dealing with people.”

The dictionary doesn’t say so, but being diplomatic also means not always saying what you think. “Tact” can mean saying something that’s less than the whole truth in order to influence or avoid offending someone.

Today I was reminded of a movie I saw a while back called; “A Few Good Men.” You may remember it – Demi Moore was in it before she went crazy over Ashton Kutchner – oops, did I say that. Yikes, I better get my writing shield of diplomatic tact out. Tom Cruise was in it, I think he was still married to Nicole Kidman and not that into his religious beliefs full force and Jack Nicholson and Kevin Bacon – really I can’t say anything negative about those two because they’re good in anything they do, and frankly this isn’t personal it’s really business. In any event they’re all good actors that gave an outstanding performance in this movie. There is one line in the movie that we say in my family a lot where at the end of the trial Jack Nicholson screams in the courtroom; “You can’t handle the truth.” Great line.

In fact there are quite a few movies where we know most of the dialogue and quote from it often. The Godfather comes to mind with classic lines too. “It’s nothing personal…”

For anyone that follows their horoscope or birth chart, Mercury is in Retrograde. In particular, we should use caution when communicating for the next month.


Hold back on everything that you stand for or that means something to you? Turn away, pretend not to hear or see. That’s the coward’s way out.

Like most things in life we sometimes plow through an unfamiliar chart. Perhaps for reasons not known to mankind, is it a lesson from the universe to let us realize that it might not be a good idea to blurt it out, or say something that might be the truth, because maybe whomever we are speaking to “can’t handle the truth?” (Great line spoken by Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.”)

It’s mystifying, literally. Isn’t plowing through unfamiliar waters what life is all about? Taking a chance, taking the risk? Madison Avenue advertising gurus have bombarded us in every known possible medium telling us to; “Just Go For It, Just Do It,” etc.; but when we do and the consequences back fire then what’s the lesson, what’s the point? Why bother? We walk away scratching our heads thinking; “geeze, that wasn’t a good idea.”

Listening to your inner self is a lost art in our techno savvy world. While we can educate and better ourselves through online programs, nothing is really left to the imagination. Gone are daily real life conversations and interactions. We have pretty much alienated human relations in our non-confrontational society. Lost is our sixth sense, or conscience. Has the internal alarm system within been turned off?


One of the beauties of the movie the Godfather is that their alarm systems were never turned off, just like Jack Nicolson’s character in “A Few Good Men,” didn’t have a filter. Their sixth sense was ready, willing and so able to speak, draw, fire. They spoke their minds, they got it out there on the table and regardless if Mercury was in Retrograde, they didn’t give a crap, bada-bing, bada-boom, gone were their preconceived notions that everyone plays nice and above board. Not so true.

Chose to go with your inner voice, your sixth sense and when you speak your mind expect to pay the price, but feel good that you spoke the truth.


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