Understanding Scrooge

scroogeIf Dickens’s character Scrooge were a real person, he or she would have a different name. His name would be 21st Century. Scrooge took a bum rap and here’s why.

He was cheap or was he? Was he greedy too? His lodgings were sparse; his meals were prepared by himself and probably enough made for 12 days of leftovers. He paid no one to wait on him. His house seemed dark, dreary, cold and unwelcoming. The man himself, well he was stingy, insensitive and unkind. He cursed too – Bah Humbug – was his Victorian use of profanity. His Christmas spirit left him after all the numerous disappointments life handed him. I get it, I understand Scrooge. Come to think of it we all have a lot in common with Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge.

Buying presents, wrapping presents, baking, parties’, decorating to the hilt and commercialism everywhere, whew it’s a lot of work. And as we tick off and count down the number of days leading up to Christmas, one can only hold back long enough, why it’s hard not to rain on this parade as it’s downright insanity.

Christmas is a holiday and maybe the world’s most endeared day, sure, it’s all about commerce, and department store decorations, but it’s also a time when soldiers put down their guns for a 24-hour truce and churches fill with families and friends and all the ugliness of the world is muted in the background.

Jingle Bells will never replace Silent Night and Christmas day will always be filled with spirit no matter what the mood of the world is at that moment. Our spirit and strength always shines through. So while we all get ready to do our yearly Olympian sprint to make sure all of the trimmings are taken care of, let’s think about Scrooge for a moment and realize that he was no different than you or me and let’s remember that in our darkest time we will never forget the basic meaning that Dickens was trying to convey.

God Bless Everyone.


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