Confidence in Cats – Isabella has the Right Idea

Issy doing what she does best

Isabella doing what she does best and teaching me the true art of relaxing

It’s always goes by with a blink of an eye and a happy Jimmy Buffet tune softly drifting through a pretty garden filled with summer flowers. Another summer was here and now gone.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the confidence that summer brings. When you think about it there is confidence shinning everywhere and in everything, in flowers, the tall corn stalks, tomato plants, in the dragonflies that skim through the sunlit gardens, and the cat taking a well deserved sunbath on my favorite garden chair. I so envy her confidence, her comfort, her way of really knowing how to relax and living in the moment, the day. We can learn a lot by watching our pets, Isabella has the right ideas and I have grown by her. In my own way she is my muse and my teacher.

She came to me as a tiny little ball of black fuzzy fur. Left by her mother she needed a bit of tenderness (like most of us do) and a home with lots of love to give – I had both. Issy had to be fed by a bottle for a few weeks until she became strong enough to eat and drink on her own but she had a good mentor – my older cat Bugsy. A handsome big cat, Bugsy was a Maine Coon and had all the right cool stuff, power and confidence. In his prime Bugsy weighed 22 pounds but was as graceful as Rudolf Nureyev. The two were inseparable.

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Their relationship grew even though Bugsy was much older than Isabella – 13 years her senior, yet he never minded her pouncing on his head in the middle of a good snoozefest or biting him on the ear, that’s just the kind of cool cat he was. He was a cat comfortable in his own skin.

As a person that likes to think of themselves as being somewhat creative at times I lack the confidence that I need. You see regardless of how accomplished we may be in certain situations, we can also be timid, meek and even uncertain.

This past Spring I gave up my full time job to pursue my 2 two stores (Cape May and Avalon) full time. During that same time my big Maine Coon cat Bugsy turned 18 years and was diagnosed with cancer. Within 2 days I had to put him down. For the first time in Isabella life she was going solo and so was I.

She didn’t skip a beat and I just watched. As we both missed our Bugsy and our former life, we learned that confidence is beauty. With a little hard work, a little creative doing and a little quiet determination we both learned confidence.


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