Wildwood Beach offers Outdoor Opportunities to RV’ers.

Wildwood, NJ July 24, 2012: The City of Wildwood is pleased to announce a new program that will entice RV vacationers and enthusiast to experience a difference side of Wildwood. A stretch of white sandy beach front between Hand and Leaming avenues south of the Wildwoods Convention Center is set up to accommodate 80 self-contained recreational vehicles . (No tow along or pop up trailers will be permitted).

“The designated area will be well managed with security and safety as the number 1 goal,” said Pete Bryon, commissioner. (The entire Beach Festival area will be under the guidance of Ian Cairns, Surfing Hall of Fame and Current head coach of the US Masters Stand Up Paddle team and under the Operation of Dante Guliano. Guliano has over 20 years of managing beach operations throughout the country with a heavy concentration in Huntington Beach, CA. “The RV’s will pull in with a certificate stating that they had emptied their tank at our offsite facility. They will then have their water tank filled and when their grey tank fills they must leave the facility. This will allow for better tracking and eliminate dumping in the sand”, Guliano stated. Additionally “the RV’s will have drip pans placed under them when they pull in plus an on-site staff 24/7 to help with any questions.”)

Mayor Ernie Troiano said; “the city will continue to improve its services to visitors and tourist as well as looking into new ways to generate revenue. We are a family destination; why not make Wildwood family friendly in every aspect? RV’s on the beach will have to adhere to strict guidelines and rules set forth by the City of Wildwood. We are looking at this opportunity as an experiment for future beach activities. The plan to allow RVs to park on the beach near Cresse Avenue is one component in a comprehensive programming and improvement plan for the city’s beach.” (The best is yet to come!)

The opening of the RV park is scheduled for July 28 but city officials want to make sure that all is good to go prior to the opening.

About the City of Wildwood:
Located on the southern tip of New Jersey, Wildwood boasts the most beautiful free beaches and tourist attractions offering vacationers and residents a variety of amenities. Incorporated in 1912 and situated on a barrier island comprised the Wildwoods have five separate municipalities consisting of Wildwood, North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Diamond Beach which is governed by Lower Township.
Wildwood offers many activities for all ages from world class accommodations, restaurants, water sports, a boardwalk that is the largest outdoor mall and beautiful free beaches. we look to the future to new generations of family memories.


4 thoughts on “Wildwood Beach offers Outdoor Opportunities to RV’ers.

  1. You article states the City of Wildwood is pleased that RV’s are coming to Wildwood Beaches, From what I am hearing its a selected group of city officals that are happy, so they can raise some revenue… A very large number of the residents and property owners are strongly against this proposal for various reasons including safety, enviormental, visually unappealing( blocking view of ocean), noise created by generators, traffic conjestion & property values are among the concerns. This is nothing against RV owners, its just not the right place to establish a campground. Would a true BEACH GIRL want RV’s parked in front of her property or business in Cape May?

    • I am just stating the information as it came to me. I too live in Wildwood and from my point of view, the area which was designated for the RVs is dead space. Isn’t the boardwalk as noisy and even unsightly at times? Personally I don’t see it as a problem, but as a revenue maker and wouldn’t it be nice to have a break in property taxes? Just sayin.

  2. Caroline, I agree that a break in property taxes would be welcomed by all but I am sure that there are other means to create revenue which would be more enviormentally and resident friendly. Many cities are cutting wasteful spending to help control taxes.. The area of the beach that they want to use for RV parking is space that could be utilized for some type of family venue that would be less objectionable then a parking lot. I am sure if your home was in this area that would overlook the sea of RV’s you would have a different perspective.

    • Leslie, all I am stating is what the facts are and while I understand the pros and cons that you mention, I guess at this point it’s mute since it never happened. The city is trying to find alternatives for lowering taxes, it just seems that people aren’t open to any suggestions and have a better time complaining about the what if’s instead of thinking – why not.

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