The Unofficial Official Start of Summer

Long days on the beach sitting with family and friends or just reading a good book is one of the best ways to regroup and recharge. It seems like this is no secret after sitting in traffic on Friday afternoon for 1 and a half hours trying to get 20 miles. This is what businesses thrive on.

All of the barrier islands have awaken from their sleepy blue winter nap and even though it was a very mild winter, visitors and tourist don’t like the quiet little towns to take a break from the world in the cold months of January, February, unpredictable March, or windy/rainy April. But May, thank God is when it kicks up a notch. Finally.

L to R: Wildwood Middle School Students on far left and right join Harlem Globetrotter Blenda Rodriguez; John Siciliano, Executive Director, Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority; Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler; Phyllis Oppenheimer, N.J. Office of Travel & Tourism; North Wildwood Mayor Bill Henfey; Captain William G. Kelly, Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Cape May, NJ; Wildwood Crest Deputy Mayor Joyce Gould; Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano
Photograph Courtesy of

If you’re looking to do something for the day (and the weather is great by the way!), the City of Wildwood along with the Wildwoods Convention Center is having a Celebration of Heros Weekend.

Here’s what’s happening today.

Sunday, May 27
*Celebration of Heroes Military Procession & Remembrance Ceremony along with an Air Force and Coast Guard “Fly Over” at the Wildwoods Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. A Memorial Day procession of military service heroes, veterans, celebrities, and marching bands, including the Coast Guard Recruit Marching Band, ending at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, 1 p.m.
*Taste of Wildwoods Food & Music Festival – 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Fox Park
Featuring the sights, sounds and flavors of many of the Wildwoods’ famous festivals. Plus live music performances and radio appearances.
*USO-Style Variety Show and Headliner Concert at the Wildwoods Convention Center’s Oceanfront Arena at 8 p.m. Starring former SNL star Joe Piscopo and his 17-piece orchestra; Mr. Proud To Be An American himself, Grammy Winner Lee Greenwood; Michael Longoria, original cast member (Frankie Valli) of the hit Broadway Show The Jersey Boys; Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler; and American Idol finalists Michael Sarver and Haley Scarnato.

All weekend long folks are treated to:
Comcast Connect Military Call Center & Mail Call – Families, friends and attendees can offer thanks and video Skype live Saturday and Sunday, noon- 2 p.m., with active duty troops and officers based in Afghanistan, via the Liberty USO. A mail call will also be operated onsite by the Philadelphia National Constitution Center, for those attendees interested in mailing a postcard to troops overseas.
Interactive Military Display Area – Attendees can experience some of the U.S. Armed Forces military technology, and interact with active duty troops, officers and service organization volunteers throughout the entire weekend.

Stay tuned for more from the shore – we’ll keep you posted on events and happenings so that you can plan your weekends at the shore.

Here’s to the Summer of 2012! Visit us and make memories.


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