Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Avalon Boardwalk

Enjoy the quiet

If I had a penny for all of the times that people ask me; “is it boring at the shore in the winter?” I would be wealthy, but my reply is always the same; “not any more boring than where you are, but I have a beach, how much better can that be?” The discussion usually concludes with; “oh yeah, you’re right!”

When you live in a place that is somewhat removed from the craziness of the city you have some choices, you either become addicted to television and well, I think practically everyone knows my feeling on TV – I can’t stand it and rarely watch it because it’s just dumb. There are so many wonderful hobby’s to keep one happy. I read (a lot) I paint and draw, sew and bake, clean (there’s always cleaning to do), I take the dogs for a walk, I am training for a marathon, I shop and recently, I’ve tapped into a hobby that I have always had an interest in since my parents bought me my first Brownie camera – photography!

The camera was a gift on my departure for the summer to Italy in 1971 (really a bribe!). My parents thought that this trip would be a lifetime experience and traveling with my grandmother would make my trip even more enjoyable. For the record – at 12 years old nothing is really fascinating or enjoyable if you aren’t doing it with your friends. I would have much rather spent my summer down the shore in Avalon, but my parents had a different idea for me that summer.

Looking back, it truly was the experience of a life time filled with wonderful memories, family and new friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. I also learned to speak another language rather fluently that summer, (and against my grandmother’s best guidance a few curse words too!) However, my camera that summer was my true friend and certainly my entertainment. Since most of the country (Italy) falls asleep in the afternoon for their big siesta and since I was a restless kid, I would take walks (yep, by myself) around the town where we were staying and take photographs. This is where I think I laid the ground work for my style. Now I am re-developing it. That summer I wanted to become a photojournalist – in fact, I still love placing a story to a photograph. Life definitely took a different turn for me. Photojournalism wasn’t in the cards as I never thought I’d make it, so I cast that dream to the side of the road and worked in a completely different field.

In late summer I started to play around with my photography again while I was on my morning walks. One day I thought of all of the people that say to me how boring it must be to live here in the winter. Ahh, thinking – here’s an idea, take a photo a day and try to write a short caption line about it for my friends on facebook.

Here is a small gallery of photographs that I’ve taken since the fall – I’d love to hear your comments and suggestion on how I can improve. And while you may think that it is still boring here – that may be the case, but what do you do for entertainment in the winter? I’d love to hear your thought and comments too.


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