I Look to You

I looked to my dad all the time – even though he isn’t here we have an ongoing conversation. Once, my dad told me that we all have a talent and that is our gift. If realized and tapped into this talent or gift it will become our passion and that’s the key to happiness and one of the secrets to life.

He was a smart man with many talents that he tapped into constantly and from him I learned that a positive attitude can change everything about an ugly situation. It can get us through the most demanding circumstances with endurance. We may not be happy at the moment, but when we step back and look at the situation we give ourselves a quick pat on the back and say; “that a girl, you did it and look what you learned.” How many times have you read or watched on TV about the person that was in a horrible situation, yet they thought logically and tapped into their gift of common sense and ultimately came out on top? Maybe a little bruised and battered but they beat the demon to a pulp.

This particular conversation with my dad was about a friend that was truly lost, still is as a matter of fact. He has a problem with addictions, yet never saw it as a problem and refused to seek the much needed help for his disease; sadly he didn’t have the support of his family either, when a much needed intervention was called no one responded. To that I say, shame on them. After countless conversations with someone that doesn’t want to try to make a bad situation right, human nature has a tendency to give up and walk away. I was angry and gave up after many many years. My friend had talent, charisma, charm, he was smart, witty, and handsome (before the booze and the cigarettes did their number on him.) I loved him for his talents and his gift. That was a long time ago and even though it was a long time ago, sometimes when I think about it, it still strikes an emotion.

Talent is a gift that sometimes comes with a price, if you are unable to see the joy that it can bring to yourself, your family, your friends. Being the kid in school that always had to study extra hard and give everything 150% percent to get back an 85 or 90, I was jealous, he could look at something and know it, he didn’t have to study, everything came easy to him. His ability to do a crazy math equation within seconds was a talent – one that I will never have as math isn’t my forte. But here is the difference, I always try and I never give up. I may not be the smartest or the prettiest, I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, nor the tallest and heaven forbid the skinniest. I am plagued with the usual insecurities of a 53 year old women that feels more like she is 33 yet I don’t think in that realm. If I do then I know those voices in my head have won and I will not give in to the naysayers! Ever. When a situation is presented to me and it seems out of my control, I hear my dad saying; “adapt, improvise and overcome.” Those three words have been an inspiration, a godsend if you will.

Adoration of his friends back in the day didn’t help my friend; he never thought he’d get old or that all of his abusive habits would catch up to him. He never thought that people would start to shy away when they saw his crazy and erratic behavior. I suspect Whitney Houston may have suffered from the same voices and while he didn’t have the fame or the fortune of Houston, he followed the same path of emotional isolation.

What has happened to him, I really don’t know. Sadly when the want and need isn’t there people don’t see what they are, they don’t tap into their talents or gifts and they’ll never realize the super power of their God given talents.

Sad really – tap into that power and go out and inspire someone today and everyday, you never know how far it can go.


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