Regional Artist – Stan Sperlak to offer a Series in Painting Workshops in Cape May Court House

Fine Art Workshops Planned


Plein Air Painting by Stan Sperlak

Nationally recognized artist, teacher and author, Stan Sperlak of Cape May Court House will host a series of painting workshops this winter and spring. His workshops, often called “Art Adventures” focus on bringing the most out of each individual, no matter their skill level. Art, history and nature are mixed together in 3 days of instruction. The February 26th and March 1st workshops are indoors while the April 12th & 15th takes the artists outdoors. Sperlak’s dedication to South Jersey and the landscape in particular can be see in his many works at galleries across the US. He has recently taught workshops in Australia and Scotland, with plans for France and Italy this year. Each session is open to a scholarship student from the regional colleges. While known for his work in pastel, his teachings cover all subjects and all mediums are welcome, for more info call 609.827.6423 or


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