“Leave the Cannoli, Take the Gun” -Peter Clemenza. Godfather I

Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

In the movie the Godfather, Peter Clemenza's classic line can be associated with dieting although it should be re-written. Leave the cannoli, take the gun.

Funny thing about dieting around an office – it is impossible not to eat junk food because there is food everywhere – from cookies to cakes, and candy it’s a constant of the bad carbs, the bad sugars, just plain ol bad! Dieting makes you see and feel in a different light. If I compare my urge to anything, I will probably make someone angry, yet to me it must be what an alcoholic feels like when he/she walks by a bar or liquor store – the urge is uncontrollable, or I am uncontrollable.

Being on a diet for many many weeks and being pretty strict with my caloric intake, yesterday seemed like the day from diet hell. Mind you, I’ve been pretty good throughout the holidays-I guess coming down with a bad head cold made me not really want to eat because I couldn’t smell anything. But yesterday, I saw them for the first time in the supermarket – yep, Cadbury chocolate eggs! Now, these are by far one of my biggest regrets, my biggest downfall. Some regret eating potato chips while others have absolutely no control when it comes to bread, for me, it’s Cadbury eggs. I open the bag and can’t have just one, noooo. I tried, I opened the bag, and placed them in a beautiful holiday bowl for others to pick at. There the tasty Cadbury Milk Chocolate Eggs sat, really for friends to enjoy, I swear. Beautiful shades of light pink, pale blue, almost yellow and periwinkle covered milk chocolate eggs tempted me, looked at me, dared me; “go ahead, try me, I won’t make you fat, come on, diet shymit that 40 pounds you gained really doesn’t look that bad.”

Hmmm, I thought to myself, well, one little chocolate covered egg won’t hurt me, I can allow myself one egg.

My biggest regret (eating wise that is.)

My biggest regret (eating wise that is,) or is it my greatest downfall?

And that was the beginning of my big regret – one egg, led to another and another and another. Finally I had a wicked sugar high and looked at the decorated Christmas bowl. There only a few eggs where left. Really, did I eat all of them – that whole bag? Yes, I did and now I was ready to take the gun of despair, instead, I opted for a long walk with the dogs and 20 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer.

Note to self. Next time; “leave the cannoli, and when tempted, think of the gun.”


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