A Goal for 2012 – 2012 steps a day!

Jack and Kristen at the Animal Outreach Mutt Strut in September! They're Walking for a cause

Jack and Kristen at the Animal Outreach Mutt Strut in September! They're Walking for a cause

Back in the day I loved gymnastics, riding my bike, horseback riding and playing tennis. Now, I can barely get motivated to walk from my house to the car. There is no love of any sport. Could care less about the local teams, and have an even bigger dislike for professional sports. Why? It’s more about the money than the game, the psalm or the song. This philosophy, I believe applies to rock stars, evangelistic preachers and smarmy politicians.

However, a few days back while reading an interesting article about walking – (mind you this is like a death sentence) I became intrigued with the power of walking in combination with a well-rounded diet. Being on a diet has taught me a few things about myself – 1. I am lazy when it comes to preparing meals, 2. I am lazy when it comes to coming home from work and running out to an exercise class at night – not gonna happen. 3. I am lazy with anything that involves, exercise, food prep, dieting, eating the right things period. 4. All that laziness cost me 40 extra pounds – not good for my small frame.

Making a decision to diet and lose weight has been on my mind since last summer although I wasn’t ready to give up the sweets that equal poundage. I wasn’t ready to walk and I certainly wasn’t up for changing my emotional eating binges. Finally after a friend said; “You’re looking really chunky,” which I replied; “thank you friend for noticing,” I took a long look and decided, I didn’t want to be the “fat friend.” So, eight weeks ago I found a plan online that I hoped would work for me. It is rather the lazy way of doing it, but it’s working. Signing up for an app called Couch to 5k has been a huge help on getting my fat butt out of the house and RUNNING! Here’s what I did learn too, I’ve learned that by combining exercise and portion control is the key to losing the pounds – mind you I still have about 19 more to go – but this is a great start and I am choosing not to look at where I need to go, but focusing on today.

About walking – find a friend, or better yet, a dog! I have 3 in my household that you’re welcome to take for an adventure. One is full of energy, one is frightened of everything and one is smart and sensitive but they all have one or two traits in common, they love walks and they love to go for a ride in the car. The beauty of having a dog/s is unlike humans, they’re always ready for a walk. If you’re lucky enough to have a dog, then you not only have a companion that never talks back but you have a natural walker in your house.

Now, here is the fun part. If you walk a total of 20 to 30 minutes a day,you will lose weight. Maybe even Fido will get in shape. Heck that’s only a mile.

Did you know that 2,000 steps is only about a mile walk?

And here are some other equivalents of walking steps.
1 mile = 2100 average steps.
1 block = 200 average steps
10 minutes of walking = 1200 steps on average
Bicycling or swimming = 150 steps for each minute.

Weight lifting = 100 steps per minute
Rollerskating = 200 steps per minute

Boots, {ahem} I mean sneakers, start walking.

NOTE: If taking your dogs on a long walk, don’t forget poop bags, water and a few treats.


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