I can’t wait till January!

Morey's Pier during a snow storm

The big snow fall of 2010 - Morey's Pier is barely visable

January, the let down month. The month where we create impossible goals and set ridiculous resolutions. In most states January features the wind blowing chill factors of ten degrees or lower. Snow that wasn’t expected and a high rate of cabin fever. Some other qualities of January, the flower of the month—the carnation—the boring flower, yawn. January’s gemstone is garnet—god forbid it be more precious than let’s say a ruby. And let’s not forget the “Hallmark Holidays.” So many made up holidays like “National Handwriting Day” which is celebrated on January 12, or “Clean Off Your Desk Day,” celebrated January 14, in case you were wondering and wanted to have a party. Why I am sure, these two holidays will really help get us through January. I can see the card companies and Madison Avenue advertising gurus sitting in their office laughing at they way they are stretching their imagination.

But let’s image for a minute and say to ourselves, it doesn’t have to be this way—think July, think of goals, think of things you want to accomplish, and if that means you just want to sit on the bench for January, then do it, after all every month can’t be warm and wonderful.

January takes on a different persona. It really isn’t the let down month, but the “quiet month.” If it snows enjoy the beauty of the snow, take a walk in it, catch a snowflake on your tongue, make a snow angel and let your mind wander to an easier time in your life with less interruptions. Plan on taking this wonderfully quiet month and read, sit, meditate, make your list, create a journal, resolve to do something positive for you—the world takes enough of us every day—let January be here already, I can’t wait.


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