Wanted: Wanderlust, or I’ve got itchy feet!

Wan-der-lust: (won –der-lust) noun: A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Lately there has been an impulse to move on, to travel, a deep almost profound desire to see the world – it just seems like it’s passing by.

Yet, I live by the sea in a resort town that was rated one of the Top Ten Beaches in the United States –really! Wildwood, New Jersey has one of the most beautiful beaches, 5 miles long and probably a mile or more wide before you hit the water. The sand, well that’s beautiful too, it’s fine and white and soothes your every foot step like a good massage. And the Wildwood beaches, they’re free too! No beach tags here. But is it enough for someone with this impluse?

My desire happens about the same time every year (fall), the winds start to blow off the ocean, the days get shorter and there is a searching in my heart and soul for an endless summer. Sometimes I just have a desire to get out of town, to see the big city, maybe Paris or Milan.

This sly, strange and alluring impulse to travel gives me itchy feet that need to keep moving. Yet it is on these days that I feel like home is where the heart is. My happiest moments are returning from a trip.

Summer is my time as I am smitten with it – don’t give me the beauty of fall or the serenity of a blanket of snow – seeing a bright blue infinite sky that meets the horizon of the ocean’s line while flecks of sun sparkle on the water like a beautiful crown of jewels is something that pulls me in like a moth is attracted to a burning fire. It gets to my heart.

But who cares about my perfect day or vacation when I do live in a beautiful town, surrounded by other beautiful towns? No one I guess really, yet it’s ok to search for inspiration beyond our own comfort zones and it’s ok to admit that wanderlust always brings me back to home sweet home. Wanted – home sweet home!


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