It’s not all over at the Jersey Shore!

I’m sad. It’s a bitter sweet sadness too. Am I looking towards the future of shorter days, longer nights, cold winds, the holidays? Oya, I shudder just thinking of it. I know, I know it’s not the end of the summer until the fat lady sings, but Labor Day is a defining moment – the end?

But, is it really the end?

No, not really at the Jersey shore. September, October, November and December are jammed packed with events – lots of events. For example this weekend in Wildwood we have the Roar to the Shore Bike Rally – September 9 – 11. It’s fun and filled with bikers of all ages (most seem to be in their 50’s and up.) At night it’s almost as if the clock has been turned back to 1968 with Harley’s everywhere cruising the main drag of Wildwood (Pacific Avenue) and music that defined a period of peace and love in our country – it also defined a period of unrest, mixed emotions, political changes and a war that was going nowhere – lots of rebellion. If you think it may be a little to dangerous, fear not, there’s plenty of police protection and in all fairness to the biker, they’re a gentle group of older folks – so I say, let’s ride boys!

The following weekend is Firemen’s Weekend September 16 through the 18. Firemen just want to have some fun and they pick the Wildwoods to do just that. Firemen’s Weekend opens the city to Craft Shows and other indoor and outdoor activities. The weather is still holding out and lovely.

September 22 – 25 is the famous Irish Fall Festival in North Wildwood. You don’t have to be Irish to love this event. North Wildwood plays host to streets filled with all sorts of vendors and food. The music is delightful and the beer is flowing everywhere – so drink with regard to what you can handle and enjoy the scenic view of Hereford Inlet while listening to some amazing bands playing all sorts of Celtic folk music and rock. I give this event ***** stars!

Now, Wildwood isn’t the only shore town that has an amazing array of fall activities – most of the shore communities celebrate fall harvest, fall seafood festivals, Octoberfest, wine and food festivals – but I’ll need to get back to you with all of the dates, since I need to go put a pair of socks on and a sweater now…

Goodbye summer, it was nice knowing you, can’t wait for you to come back!


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