Hurricane Irene coming to NJ

Storm watch - Hurricane Irene

Storm watch - Hurricane Irene

On Tuesday it was the earthquake but for the rest of the week our eyes are watching Irene who is spinning another natural disaster off the Atlantic Coast.

This is the first major hurricane of the season that hit the Bahamas with winds 120mph and torrential rains. What does that mean for us Jersey-ites?  Speculators (weathermen) are saying that Irene could dump multiple inches of rain with the potential of serious flooding due to the full moon which creates unusually high tides.

While Irene won’t approach New Jersey until Sunday, how close it gets depends on the weather today. A cold front is moving in tonight and could potentially enhance the convergence of the two weather patterns shaping up.  Here is why. If the cold front stalls it acts as a road to drive tropical moisture up the coast producing flooding rains across the Garden State as early as Friday evening.

As the cold front is being used as a steering device to push Irene to hit landfall, it could also nudge her to move off shore.

We will keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene coming to NJ

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