Shake, rattle and roll – Jersey Shore Style

It began as a pretty day here, but there was something odd in the air. Was it me? I was still reeling over news about someone from my past. A conversation that I knew would take place sooner or later – but a conversation that I would have just assumed not had, especially in my store last night. Oh well I thought, that’s life and we either choose to deal with it and move on or dwell in the bs of it all. I chose to dwell for a short time, now I was ready to move on. You can’t change the past, what is is.

As I sat in my office working quietly and making phone calls most of the day I had just finished a huge project and felt good when I noticed and heard my antique mirror rattling against the living room wall. Shrugging it off as the ocean breeze floating through the window a little to fiercely, I noticed that my dogs all jumped up from their afternoon siesta on their pillows minutes before. Honey, being the most sensitive (I attribute this to her female side) of the three jumped up from her cushy pillow and began to warn me of impending doom by running wildly around my desk. I go to settle her down and can barely stand up because my legs just aren’t working correctly. I felt drunk. Did I eat something wrong? Did I eat at all? I look at the clock, it’s 2:02pm, and yes, I had eaten hours earlier.
Slowly I grab hold of my desk as I bend down to pick up Honey. She jumps into my arms and licks my face – we are both moving but my feet are planted on the floor. Wait a minute, my whole house is moving – left to right, left to right. My 18th century armoire decides to join in the dance – the door opens, and slams shut, opens and slams, things start falling out. Honey starts to howl, Jack her brother chimes in, then the third of my dogs Rudy also gives his vocal abilities a whirl. Three dogs howling, one owner movin and a groovin and a house almost divided.
What a weird sensation and it’s only Tuesday.

What’s next? Better batten down the hatches because I hear Irene is coming for dinner over the weekend and it’s going to be a bumpy ride boys!


One thought on “Shake, rattle and roll – Jersey Shore Style

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