We need more hours in our days!

Einstein overturned Newton’s notion that time is absolute, but if you asked my boss I bet he’d agree with Newton- it is absolute especially since I am know in the office as always being on “Italian Time.” I am perpetually late, for everything. And unlike Newton’s theory, my reason why is just this.  The thought of a clock ticking steadily in the background after years of always having to be on time for the Paoli local remains the malleable fabric of my distorted matter – time!

clocks, minutes, hours, days

clocks, minutes, hours, days

Here’s my complaint, like my friend Einstein who argued that time is another dimension woven into space I must agree that his point becomes clearer to me everyday. My theory, I need more hours in my day. On the other hand Newton’s theory goes against every fiber that I try to beat especially in the summer. His thoughts on time were pretty much cut and dry –time is time, time is absolute, timing is everything, time ticks away and before we know it, summer is over and so are the days of trying to enjoy a summer afternoon – uninterrupted by time. How is that even possible, in fact the phrase; “uninterrupted by time,” sounds stupid to me at the moment – time interrupts everything!

You may have seen the movie; As Good as It Gets, with Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, and that blond whose name I always forget (time is getting to my brain too – wait oh, right it just popped back into my brain – Helen Hunt). Jack Nicholson’s character (Melvin Udall) is a misanthropic author who forms a bond with a gay artist (Greg Kinnear plays Simon Bishop) and a single mother/waitress (Helen Hunt plays Carol Connelly.) There is one particular scene in the movie that I love. It kind of explains a different way to look at time. Udall says as he is walking out of his psychiatrist’s office; “What if this is all one long day, what if this is as good as it gets?” All the patients in the office look at him with a blank stare – but for me it was an ahhh moment  and like Einstein and not Newtown – time is another dimension woven into space so why can’t we add more hours to it – isn’t it all one long day anyway?


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