What’s missing? Bike Etiquette!

The chalk mark

An image to behold

Never saw it coming, but he flew up along side of me and wasn’t stopping; for anything. What was it/he? He was a biker and I was in the way, I guess? Never heard him, didn’t see him until I started to turn into my driveway (when it was to late,) he didn’t touch his brakes, made no gesture to even warn me, and was definitely cruising in the fast lane at a speed of at least 30 mph.

Next thing I knew I was tumbling down. Clash, clang, ring went my bicycle bell and out popped my ankle. He stopped, looked at me, didn’t say a word, and didn’t help me up, didn’t do anything but stand there bewildered and get this – kept on TEXTING. Are you kidding me – this texting thing is out of control. Neighbors came running over as I laid in the street grabbing my ankle in pain. My boyfriend who was in front of me before it happened came running over, clearly upset that he saw nothing. Bike boy still stood there like a lump on a log. I was carried into the house, my neighbor picked up all of my groceries which were at one time neatly placed in my wicker bike basket. They flew out of the basket and were thrown all over the street from the crash. Eggs were broken, the milk cartoon ripped open, and still no help from bike boy. Finally, he moved, didn’t speak but proceeded to walk over to my bike and pick it up? My neighbor Pat, plucked it away from him and started the interrogation. “Didn’t you see her? Why didn’t you say to your left and warn her you were flying by? Do you speak English? Apparently bike boy was clueless and couldn’t handle the situation.

As I was being carried away I felt like the Nancy Kerrigan of the amateur biking world, all I kept hearing in my head were her famous words after her horrible knee clubbing; “why me?” And her assailants were as stupid and selfish as my biker boy. Ok, maybe not that stupid, but, well; actually yes, stupid and selfish.

As I sit here with my leg propped up on ice and pillows and hoping to be walking/riding again soon, this whole situation had me thinking, wow, what a good idea for a story.

BIKE Etiquette, the rules of the road.

1. Don’t text. For the love of God, stay off your cell phone, you can handle not texting for 10 minutes, and seriously is anything that important and if it is, stop and call but don’t text or talk on your cell phone while driving or riding a bike! It’s just plain old’ stupid!

2. Be seen, THINK, look and listen!

3. Wear visible clothing.

4. Single up when cars are trying to pass.

5. Avoid riding in traffic

6. Wear warning lights

7. Wear a helmet – rule of thumb – No helmet – no ride!

8. Know your hand signals – left and right, it’s easy.

9. If you’re flying up to someone be sure to SCREAM – TO THE LEFT/RIGHT, whichever side you’re on.

10. If you knock someone over, be courteous, help them, and don’t stand there like a lump on a log. Gosh, what has happened to social graces, have they fallen on the side of the road too?


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